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A Humble Plea (PDF Download)

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Written by Randall Terry

What must we do to end the abortion Holocaust in America?

“Randall, where have you been? We have been waiting thirty years for someone to say this out loud.” - Deborah Womack, SFO

“I must admit that I was immediately inspired to beg the Holy Spirit to help me to become bolder and braver in proclaiming all the embarrassing truths about the overall ineffectiveness of our pro-life efforts. In this spiritual shock treatment, Randall unceasingly employs brutal words and concepts and searing satire, in a desperate attempt to inspire and motivate everyone (Bishops, priests, pro-life apostles and all the laity) to put on the amor of God, and begin now to really walk the talk and fight the fight.” - Bud Macfarlane, Sr., M.I.

“This may be the most important message on how to end abortion in America that has been written in 15 years.” - Fr. John Edward Barthalomew
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